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 Mrs. Martin ,s Psychic shop has been know And established for 25 years serving in Staten Island a barrel of the dog that melted blood people come all over the world are welcome

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 Astrology  I did date and time you’re fine I’ll tell you your positive and negative energies the houses that rule you and what makes and how to deal with Mrs. Barton will help you with that as your psychic 


Crystals have for centuries giving power and energy to meditate there are many methods and many ways to meditate with them Mrs. Barton a pic to buy one for you


$10 off your First tarot card reading 

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Spiritual reader and adviser Psychic

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   the Lover 💕Tarot cards readings

Tarot cards readings with  crystals  🔮

Palms reading the  Lines and crevices in my hand .  Chakra balancing 

 Methods of benediction  knowledge   Is Polly  Lpower  Scented oil’s scented incense scented candles color send light for power

About Me

Tarot card s lookTarot Cardss look in to your  as it was  future ads it will be

Tarot card look into the situations &  opportunitions that are  surrounding you in  life ,your past as it was your  present as it is your  future as it will be ,

 Methods of meditation the crystals oil's sense candel , The right color in your life can make all the difference 

Tarot card. ⭐️Mrs Martin Psychic Shop

Ten Island on🌜Mrs Martin Psychic Shop is I Staten Island borough of NEW YORK the  melting pot of th

Staten Island is one  of the Boroughs of New York melting pot  of the word so all walks of life are welcome , Mrs Martin is knowen  &  established  for 25 years & Well tell you wont you need to know about love ❤️ All matters of relachemship Are you in dark cloud ? Surrounded with negative energy ,

work  career for your hlethal, get help. 

🌜now call for your  Appointment  🌛

🌜718-47-7710🌛 Location 

3115 Viotory Blvd Staten Island NY 10314 open 10:am to 9:pm 


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Tarot card reader

3115 victory blvd, Staten Island, NY 10314, US

(718) 477-7710


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